Co-op Centennial BREAKING NEWS


Effective immediately, Wayne Thompson, Division of Professional Practice Co-op Director, will be replacing Tom Akins as Chairman and will be taking over responsibility of the Georgia Tech Co-op Centennial Initiative. It is important that we mark this institutional milestone, not only by looking back and celebrating our program accomplishments and recognizing past alumni for their achievements, but also to look forward to next one hundred years of GT academic excellence and the future path of experiential education and work integrated learning. Plans for Co-op Centennial Celebration in 2013 include a DoPP Hall of Distinction Dedication, several special outreach and partnership with GT students and faculty groups, and a cooperative education conference with employers and other colleges and universities attending on campus. More details of these and other exciting initiatives will follow.

After his retirement from Georgia Tech in 2009, Tom Akins spent more than 2 1/2 years as the Co-op Centennial Chairman organizing and planning for the 100 Year Anniversary. We would like to thank Tom for his efforts and wish him well in his retirement.

Books have been printed and are now in hand. To get your copy, go HERE 

Through the generosity of several individuals, McKenney’s, Inc., and the class of 1972, the Capital Campaign portion of the Co-op Centennial has already achieved much success. It is especially important to note the following:

1.) Warren Batts (EE ’61) has made a large estate gift to Georgia Tech with portions to go to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the TI:GER program, and the Cooperative Education Program. Mr. Batts has also provided financial support for the publishing of the Co-op Centennial Commemorative Book.

2.) John Goodwyne (IE ’62) has provided a six-figure gift for Co-op Program support and scholarships.

 3.) Mrs. Virginia Wohlford has made a generous contribution to the Wohlford Scholarships for co-op students, named after the late James G. Wohlford (EE ’41) former long-time Co-op Director.

4.) Jerry Johnson (EE ’57) has generously supported his Co-op Scholarship fund with recent additional gifts.

5.) The Georgia Tech class of 1972 as part of its Reunion Gift for Homecoming 2012 has endowed a Class of 1972 Work Abroad Scholarship Fund in the amount of $300,000.

6.) McKenney’s, Inc., is establishing another Co-op Scholarship Fund for Co-ops working in the construction industry. John McKenney, (IE ’91) CEO, has made this possible. More...

7.) Hugh Wilson (ME ’58) has made a significant contribution as part of a charitable trust to the Co-op Centennial for scholarshis.

 8.) Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Barton (Phys '49) have provided a charitable gift annuity to provide scholarships for co-op students in Physics or Mechanical Engineering.

9.) Ken Entrekin (EE ’73) has made estate plans for a six-figure endowment.

10.) Ed Vickers (AE ’64) has also provided a six-figure living trust gift for scholarships.

11.) The estate of Newton Thomas (ChE ’35) has provided a seven-figure gift to provide an endowment for unrestricted use.

The total amount pledged/given to date is over $6 Million. These funds or proceeds from endowments, will greatly assist Co-op Students now and far into the next century. Our gratitude and profound thanks are given to those who have stepped forward in providing these resources to improve the experiences for Georgia Tech students.