Co-op Centennial Commemorative Book

An incredibly well done history of the Georgia Tech Co-op Program, author Gary Goettling has done an outstanding job of combining historical facts with scores of photos that will elicit many memories from all Tech Co-op alumni.  It will also give current and prospective students, as well as their families, a sense of what is involved in being a part of Georgia Tech Co-op!  From the early days of Tech to the present global footprint of the institute, this coffee table style book has captured the essence of the Co-op Program.  This is something all Georgia Tech Co-op Alumni will want to have as part of their home library.  You can obtain your personal copy with a minimum donation of $200 to the Georgia Tech Foundation Co-op Centennial fund. Please complete the Co-op Centennial Donation Form (Adobe PDF file) and return to


Image of Actual Book Cover