Welcome to the Co-op Centennial Website

Welcome to the website of all things surrounding the Georgia Tech Co-op Centennial Celebration.  For those of us who participated in the program, we know how much it meant to us as students working toward our degrees at Tech.  Many of us have become successful in our professional careers due to our experience as co-ops.  Some even met their “significant other” because of the co-op program! Just like there are many thousands of co-op alumni, there are many thousands of stories surrounding this great Tech tradition.

Not long ago, The Wall Street Journal listed Georgia Tech as the #1 school where industry goes when it needs engineers.  This is not surprising, as Co-op plays an instrumental role in preparing students for working in the real world after graduation.  In surveying graduating students, when asked, “What was your most significant activity as an undergraduate at Georgia Tech,” the answer is not, "Thermodynamics,” or “Deformable Bodies!” Instead, most students respond with study/work abroad, internship, or co-op experiences.

In this page, please watch the terrific video put together by the Georgia Tech Communications Office, promoting the Co-op Centennial; check out the members of our Centennial Advisory Committee; read about the planned commemorative book; check the calendar for activities; read about how you can help co-op through your giving; and contact us with any suggestions or comments for the Co-op Centennial Celebration.  We will also be publishing articles about the evolution of the co-op program from its beginning with four students in the fall of 1912, to a division that now handles over 5,000 students per year.

Major events will begin taking place in the fall of 2012.  We will plan at least one event focusing on students, another focusing on employers and in the spring of 2013 a significant gathering for our illustrious co-op alumni!  We will also be striving to raise at least $5 million in endowment funds to assist in the successful operation of the co-op program for the next 100 years.

Thank you for visiting and keep checking back for updates.

Wayne Thompson
Director, Cooperative Education Program
Georgia Tech Division of Professional Practice
Chair, Co-op Centennial